Best of Fall-winter 2021 - Oversized Hoodies to buy this Season

Big, oversized, and comfortable hoodies are that piece of clothing in everyone’s closet that stay at the front of the wardrobe all year round. Especially starting in the fall every year, it’s much easier to incorporate stylish hoodies into your everyday look as these can be dressed up or down in several ways. A roomy hoodie can be easily transformed from a gym top to a fashion must-have. There are only two rules of thumb when it comes to picking the right oversized hoodie for you - your mood and, of course, the weather. Dress yours up by layering it under a blazer or keep the look casual by throwing it over baggy sweatpants. Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts are cozy, comfortable, and absolutely versatile.

This season, there’s a runway trend for oversized outerwear that has started to take the streets by storm already. Oversized hoodies are serving the style factor as a symbol of the hip-hop revolution. Once neglected by “trending” fashion, this year, even couture designers forgot their skinny sweats and went loose. Runaways and online boutiques are now stocked up with chunkier fits, relaxed silhouettes of hoodies.


Other than the but obvious tangible benefits like freedom of movement and air circulation, oversized hoodies are also unisex and tend to make legs look longer, lending a cool laid-back look to any outfit. It will keep you warm while allowing you to create an awesome stylish outfit confidently.

Keep reading to know three factors to keep in mind while selecting the right oversized sweatshirt for yourself.

Fit is important

While there are many positive attributes to the roomy hoodie, mind you, oversized does not mean “big,”. It still has to have the right fit. It should have the correct sleeve length and structure for your body type. You don’t want to look scruffy and believe us, you want the ribbing on the wrists and hips to sit well.

Keep Balance

An oversized hoodie is a statement on its own, but you can elevate your style with the right pair of the bottom. Pair an oversized hoodie with something more fitted. Skinny jeans, fitted chinos, and joggers will work well. Straight ripped jeans are a great choice for a street casual look, while yoga harems will make you look more sporty. It is important to balance out your look to not look sloppy or take the focus away from that handsome hoodie.

Play with colors

You can’t go wrong with a monochromatic look but how about playing with colors this season? For example, you can wear a gray hoodie with gray skinny jeans to create an illusion of a sports suit. If your hoodie has different textures (like cotton plus velvet), pairing it with the bottom of one of the fabrics will make it polished, styling-wise. Consider complementary colors and patterns. Always make sure to have at least one white, black, and navy hoodie that will be the most versatile and practical piece to pair with an array of bottom wear. Colorful graphics are a big yes when it comes to oversized hoodies.


Keep room for Layers 

The right oversized hoodie will leave enough room to be paired under a blazer or coat. At the same time, it will be roomy enough to be layered above sweaters for an edgy finish. A trench coat worn over a hoodie will give you a sophisticated look for chilly nights. Having said this, keep in mind, you don’t have to ‘break’ the rules. Just be yourself to look your best in that hoodie. 


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