Is ASAP Rocky's Met Gala 2021 Outfit, What Winter Dreams Are Made Of

The Met Gala 2021 has lived a life longer than any preceding Met Gala's. This year, it lived up fully to its meme-theme of life in lockdowns. While celebrities like Billie Eilish and Kendall Jenner wore show-stopping outfits, one celebrity stole the internet more than the rest. None other than ASAP Rocky - The beloved American rapper was seen in attendance at the exclusive gala with rumored girlfriend pop star Rihanna. Now, Rocky wore a cape designed by Eli Russell Linnetz, which was basically a giant quilt from the designer's spring collection. 


Staying true to this year’s theme, the quilt outfit referenced a handcrafted tradition that spans the nation’s history. Now, wherever there’s a noteworthy outfit, there’s some drama. A piece of information came to light that really takes the cake when it comes to the strange intricacies of the prized fashion event. Apparently, the multicolor, eccentric quilt from the night was originally made by someone’s great-grandmother.

The quilt was thrifted and refurbished for the Met Gala. The Internet was abuzz when an Instagram user named Sarah, shared this story in a post that, of course, went viral. She wrote - “So my great grandmother's quilt was donated to an antique/thrift store a while back. When I saw the

#metgala photo I realized instantly that it had to be the same quilt. I read the vogue article about the designer finding the quilt in Southern California and with his office not that far from us in Venice, California, I demanded that my mom go look for the photos of it on our old bed". 

After facing some accusations of trying to steal the limelight or eyeing monetary gains from the controversy, in an emotional follow-up post on Instagram, Sarah further wrote: “I am only posting this because I wanted to clarify that we aren’t accusing anyone of stealing this and we don’t want money.

I posted this because I found it amazing that something that my great grandmother made out of love for my mother, to be used to keep her warm, and was donated so that it might keep somebody else warm or sold to raise funds for a lovely charity, ended up being used for an amazing statement art piece by amazingly talented people who took it to the next level." 

At the American-themed event, Rihanna chose a blanketed dark look from designer Demna Gvasalia’s debut Balenciaga Couture collection. Interestingly, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky weren’t even sure of participating in the 2021 Met Gala. Nevertheless, as fate had it, the Met 

left them having a claim as the world’s most stylish couple as they rocked up in matching snug ensembles, looking equally ready for bed and the red carpet simultaneously.

While you may not be able to get your hands on this quilt this season or wanna look like one, here are some snug hoodies and jackets to keep you warm.


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