Loungewear Edit: The Best dressed Male Celebrities of 2021

Celebrities and fashion are related so closely that they have a big influence on everyone. Their life is full of red carpets, hiding away from paps on streets, and even late-night grocery runs like us sometimes. And, they do this all in style. Want to know how? We’ve made a list of some of the most stylish male celebrities of the year 2021.

These dapper men have shown that old trend codes are out the window, and new, more experimental ones are in. These celebs are inspiring us to forge our own style paths and even get a little crazy with it. In a world as chaotic as ours, things are in flux and so why shouldn’t our fashion be, too?

Scroll down to see the celebs who get it just right, almost every time. From Music mavens to actors and more, these are the men you should be taking style tips from right now. Here's to a very well-dressed 2022.


Nick Jonas and ‘badass’ go hand in hand, and there might be a fashion reason behind it. Maybe it is his baggy trousers and sweatpants with that killer attitude that makes him stand apart. In the past couple of years, we’ve noticed his style evolving from a more tailored approach to a relaxed style. This is a guy who knows what works for him.


For Justin, it seems like after slipping one time into an oversized leather jacket, he could never get out. And what goes with his famous leather jackets? Equally stylish joggers and trainer shoes. Justin Bieber has proven that he knows his way around a formal dinner suit as well as a rugged streetwear outfit. Bieber has been scoring big points with us for his fashion sense.


Travis Scott and his oversized skinny denims make us think that he’s in a league of his own where there’s no room for haters. The rapper's style is super casual with lots of distressed denims, checkered shirts, graphic tees and flared bottoms. In winters, he sports some fantastical knitwear and makes not only music fans but also fashion fans around the world smile at every sight of him.


Is anyone more fun to look at when it comes to men’s fashion? Jeremy O. Harris, the American playwright and actor, makes men’s fashion look fresh, fluid, and really out of the box. The man can rock tapered culottes as well as jeans, an envelope clutch as well as a backpack. Jeremy loves overturning M fashion trends and doing them his way. Even when he is nestled at home in sweatpants and sweatshirts, he doesn’t compromise on the funk of it and sports catchy colors and prints. His style is wild, in every sense.


Zayn, former X-factor contestant and member of the British boy’s band is a familiar face on the fashion week front rows and street style magazines. When he’s not in the spotlight, he looks very street smart in an effortless way with his endless collection of hoodies and tracksuits. He is also a well-known sneakerhead, despite his more polished looks being etched in our minds. Zayn is often seen in some great street style that usually has jogger pants paired with a graphic t-shirt and hoodie jackets. Not bad, Zayn, not bad. 



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