Master That Denim Look Like A Pro: 5 Ways To Style Your Jeans

Over the years, denim has seen a lot of shifts in styles. Men’s jeans are on the runways like never before. In recent seasons, everything, from patchwork jeans to skin-tight fits, has been showcased by fashion mavens and celebs alike. The baggy jeans of the early 2000s are back, and good old distressed denim has gotten so distressed now that you might think it has disappeared entirely. Once popular in women’s fashion only, high-rise waistlines are reigning for men’s fashion. 

Ahead, we have curated five denim trends that are some of new years’ biggest denim trends. From the evergreen styles to some unique seasonal ones, these are the denim trends you need to wear like a pro right now.

Blue Over Black

For many years now, greys and blacks of jeans have ruled the men’s denim scene. But men’s fashion is taking a more prominent stage, as we move into the new decade. Classic jeans are back with enough shades to cover every occasion and mood. Mid-wash indigo denim is hot right now for daytime wear, while sky-blue denims are getting increasingly popular for evenings. The lighter stonewash styles are also in for party looks and are a great option for all your casual duties.

The Baggier the Better 

The revival of 1990s and early 2000s men’s fashion clearly means that slouchy and baggy are back. Don’t get this trend wrong - as it is not for teens or skaters only. These jeans are for everyone to rock. Baggy fits are everywhere and will be rife in 2022. Move your slim-fit jeans to the back of the closet and get something roomier. Comfort and style with a little thought is what baggy jeans are made of. 


We don’t vouch for baggy being a synonym for ‘ill-fitting’ or too loose, so embrace a comfortable fit without getting too sloppy. Getting the fit right is important, always. Get your hands on a pair that is snug in the waist, decently roomy in the thigh area, with a narrower fit below the knee. 

Make Your Jeans ‘Work’

Men love clothes that are functional and that don’t obstruct any manual labor that might need to be done. Be it your corporate office or a bike workshop, your jeans especially should be comfortable and stylish enough to keep you active and confident. Take delight in sporty jeans that have their design roots in practical applications. Workwear-inspired detailing such as paint stains or studded belt loops and patch pockets have made an unexpected comeback this season. Believe us, they're much easier to style than they seem.

Colors are In

Why let your top wear all the color play and keep your jeans basic? Give your jeans a chance to stand out. Men’s colored denim is becoming increasingly popular.

A good yellow or peach denim is a real investment piece, as there are multiple ways to style them for years to come. Ensure that when wearing colored jeans, it doesn’t match too closely with whatever you’re wearing on top. 

Say It with Faded 

A true raw denim look is all about collecting beautiful faded pairs over time. Faded denim looks great, there’s no doubting that. Depending on the occasion, you can dress up or dress down these jeans. We’d suggest picking a few different shades of faded denim for smart-casual affairs. Pair them with suede chelsea boots or a pair of white, high-top sneakers.

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