Transitional Outerwear Pieces that you need to cop this Fall/winter

Men’s wardrobes are usually filled with apparel staples, most of which work all year round and are statement makers or super versatile. When it comes to style choices, most men prefer the path less complicated and very much traveled. But this doesn’t mean men aren’t as spoiled for choices as women are. At least not anymore.

This fall/winter 2021 season, there are trends for menswear that can be developed into stylish pieces that cater to the tastes of Gen Z and Millennials alike.Whether you’re a streetwear hoarder or you like a more sophisticated collection, we have got it all for you to be ready as the weather changes. 

Premier Attire selects all the biggest trends for this transitional time of the year that you could be wearing right now. These trends will help you know how you should be dressing now that the warmer months are finally over. Experiment a little and add spark to your wardrobe for years to come.


Get the Basics Right

Celeb-favorite basic hoodies continue to rock the list of essential menswear pieces for the modern man during transitional weather. This year, styles have never been cooler, with highly durable fabrics, stylish graphics, and head-turning colors. The basic sweat jacket manifests the return of holiday time outdoor activities. For guys wishing to add some more layers to their sweatshirts when they step out and about, we suggest that you layer them with long coats. 



Denim Jackets

Denim jackets will keep you on-trend while looking fantastic all year round. Denim jackets are as flattering, wearable, and stylish as men’s outerwear gets. They're comfortable to wear, and give a good range of motion for everyday chores. And like fine wine, denim apparel only gets better with age. Denim jackets have a silhouette that works wonders on everyone, like a pair of classic blue jeans. Throw your denim jacket over a pair of chinos or even sweatpants and you have the perfect weekend uniform.




Puffer Jackets

It’s hard not to think of A$AP Rocky walking through the streets of New York when you think of puffer jackets. Despite its heavy-duty look, puffer jackets make for great transitional season outerwear. You can obviously go full guard from the chills in a puffed jacket but you can definitely dress it down and make it work for fall. You gotta make sure your jacket has enough room to layer underneath and, of course, pick the coolest puffer jackets in bright colors. It’s time to do away with boring black puffers and try something fresh and vibrant.



Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have to be one of our most favorite menswear trends out there. Stylish bomber jackets can do wonders for your wardrobe. Paired with boots and denim jeans, you can't help but feel more confident and warm. Unlike most outerwear, bomber jackets generally have a roomier silhouette which makes them great for layering underneath or over them. Bomber jackets are going to be big for fall-winter 2021 and you should get your hands on a few cool ones before they’re sold out!


Neutral Tones

There is something very easy-going, chic, and effortless about neutral colors. We’re talking about tones like caramel, beige, sand, off-white, ivory, pale yellow, browns, and more. Neutral palettes dominated the runways this year - from Louis Vuitton’s to Tod’s, this color trend shows no sign of fading. 


Outerwear but make it extra

Hybrid outerwear with some cool hardware and metallics lends a masculine feel like no other. The F1-racer-like feels of removable hoods or varsity details that combine style and function are here to stay. The hybrid outerwear is extra, but they are also sophisticated. It all depends on how hybrid you like your outerwear to be. 





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