Unlocking the formula to Justin Beiber's uber-cool Street Style

Justin Bieber’s style may look like an assortment of streetwear that is easy to pull off, but it isn’t that easy a nut to crack. The pop singer has earned his youth style-god status after documenting many fits that have some impressive versatility. Bieber’s fashion is of one of the highest calibers in the music industry and it’s no secret that he has access to the wildest designer clothing out there. His finely-honed style is visible not only in his record-smashing music videos but on the red carpets as well.

While his style skews heavily towards casual-cool, it's important to note his dedication to an adaptable side of today's menswear. From exaggerated fringes to occasionally reaching for pastel suiting or biker puffers, we took a close look at his outfits over the last few years. We can’t help but love his oversized t-shirts, baseball caps, color-blocked jackets, and relaxed shirts.

Along with, of course, the graphic sweats, coolest kicks, and lots of sweatshirt layering. Whether he is jet-skiing or attending a concert at Times Square, it’s his commitment to this look that exemplifies an iconic style. It's high time we gave his fashion the kudos it deserves.

Young Bieber was a fan of Cardigans and grown-up Bieber still is. Much like his love for his favorite color: Purple has stayed the same. After his rise to fame in the early 2000s, the color purple quickly became synonymous with Bieber's aesthetic. The musician is also a fan of zip-ups and stiff baseball hats. Bieber is often spotted matching his black sneakers with a simple black zip-up. But of course, a purple t-shirt and checkered baseball hat add a pop of color.


Bieber also swears by this combo - a puffer vest, black tie, and black glossy pants. Complete the look with tinted glasses and color-pop sneakers and you’re good to go rocking.

For those who don’t like to wear too much color, fret not. From 2010-2013Bieber used to lean heavily on monochromatic outfits.

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