Utility Fashion: A New Way of Living and Dressing

Athleticwear has been a mainstay in menswear for some time, but lately, the trend has taken a step even further towards functional. In the Autumn-Winter 2021 runways, there were models wearing sci-fi utility belts and labor uniforms. Sure, bomber jackets and camo-prints have taken fashion houses’ fancy for years, but we’re talking about a whole utilitarian outfit overhaul for this season.

Utility fashion appears in different style variations - from utility vests, sweats, denim, shorts, and utility jackets. The main reason for the emergence of utility street fashion in 2021 is an outcome of the lifestyle change induced by the pandemic life of 2020. Consumers have an increasingly nomadic mindset, and they want their pockets and comfort. 

Technical textures and features like anti-slip fabrics, pockets, and water-proofing, have emerged as street-ready designs. The military-inspired modern interpretations of this apparel are a highlight in men’s fashion this year.

These pieces have been welcomed by streetwear aficionados and fashion week street-stylers allowing for plenty of sartorial eccentricities. Given a choice, we would rename the utilitarian trend and call it the Modern Nomad trend. Scroll to see the top three utilitarian styles to sport this season.


Heavy-duty Utility for the Win

Cargo pants and utility fashion are almost synonymous. These pants are a sweet spot between athleisure and utility and are expected to grow as a must-have in men’s wardrobes right now. This is where comfort meets functionality, and you will find it helpful to support changes in your lifestyle with some cargo pants at your disposal. 



Pocketed Utility is the best 

Utility fashion trend is essentially all about pockets. Big pockets, many pockets. Designers have formulated pockets as an accessory this year, rather than just functionality. We have printed pockets on utilitarian jackets as well as detachable pockets. Trends will come and go but pocketed utilitarian clothes will never go out of style.

Fashion but make it Utilitarian

You can boldly wear the utilitarian trend without looking like you’ve built a dam yesterday. Wear rugged jeans with cargo shirts but again, make it a fashion decision. Look for an oversized pair of hoodies that nobody in their right mind would wear into combat, and then pair it with military boots. For a finishing touch, you can try accenting the look with a bucket hat. Think out of the box this year, and you’ll be rocking the best utility looks in no time.


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